Год: 2003
Режиссёр: Андре ван Дюрен (André van Duren)

Amsterdam, 1895.

Young Kees is an imaginative boy and a daydreamer.

His father has a little shoe-shop and is seriously ill of tuberculosis, so the boy escapes his everyday problems by disappearing into his own imagination. We see him save his beloved one by throwing himself in front of an approaching coach-and-four; defeat his fencing teacher; play virtuoso violin and mix with the rich and famous and does what is needed to save his father’s shoe shop from bankruptcy.

In addition, he is driven by childish obsessive thoughts: he only allows himself to walk on certain paving stones; makes a bet with himself that he can carry a package on his head until he gets home; and is constantly afraid that everyone is watching him. And of course to get around, he often adopts a comic walk he calls “the swimming pool swagger”; a stride invented by boys to get into the swimming pool faster. Soon Kees has to grow up. His father dies and he feels he has to help his desperate mother and at the same time he has to try and save his dreams.


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